Counseling-in-a-Week 2017

“Counseling Hard Cases”

Formerly known as “Windows of Opportunity”

When: July 11-14, 2017

Times: TBA

Where: Anselm House, 205 East 5th Street, Moscow, Idaho

Cost: $150

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It becomes incumbent on us then, if we are to help people change, to help people recognize those choice points and help them to make godly choices in the future. Counseling Hard Cases is a way to do just that.

In the course of their lives people make choices all day every day. The Bible tells us that these choices are based on what the person wants and grounded in who they are at the heart level (Jas. 4:1-3; Luke 6:45). Because what is in our heart determines what we think, do, and say, it is important, if we want to help people change, to help them see that what they are doing is simply the outworking of what is in their heart. This is why the Bible commands us to circumcise our hearts (Deut. 10:16; 30:6; Jer. 4:4). If we want to have new life, we need new hearts.

In order to cry out to God and ask him for a new heart, people need to know they have the need in the first place; that they are out of control and all their choices and decisions come from a sinful and rebellious heart. Convincing people is what God has called us to (Acts 16:16-18; 2 Tim. 2:23-26) and Counseling Hard Cases is a very natural and simple way to help people see into their hearts through the stories of their lives.

The stories a person tells about his life lend themselves to be viewed from another perspective—God’s perspective. In this conference we will be using memoirs and autobiographies to visit with the authors and give them Biblical counsel that will help them see into their hearts so that they can submit themselves to the scalpel of God’s Word to transform them.

Very Important:

Our Counseling Hard Cases conference is an interactive conference. The attendees are expected to read the assigned autobiographies and memoirs with a special view to noting and paying attention to the events of the authors’ lives—especially the defining and pivotal events.

When: July 11-14, 2017

T-Th: 9:00am-5:00pm, with a lunch break

F: 9:00am-12:00pm

Where: Anselm House, 205 East 5th Street, Moscow, Idaho

Cost: $150

Register Here

What: Counseling-in-a-Week/ Counseling Hard Cases is an intense four day conference which focuses on bringing the love of God to the lives of people who are having a difficult time living in the world God placed them. After learning how to counsel the authors of the books, you will have much more confidence to help those God brings to you.

Who should come: Anyone who finds themselves in situations where they are being asked to help or minister to people who are experiencing problems in living.

What a difficult life situation is: The authors of the books we will be discussing have many different life situations ranging from thoughts of obesity to hearing voices. A hard case is anything that you have difficulty working through. It might be that you have a friend who is depressed, or a friend who is having trouble getting along with others at work. Anything that you find overwhelming as you try to help others is classified as a difficult life situation.

Before you come: Attenders will need to have read the books listed below and be prepared to discuss how they might help the authors of the books were they to meet them in the course of their lives.

The Process: Attenders will be expected to have read the books listed below. As you read, you should imagine that you have been given the opportunity to help the author. With this in mind, you should be thinking about how you might answer these five questions:

  1. Who is this person? In answering this question the reader/counselor will be expected to be able to answer this question to the satisfaction of the person they are ministering to. The one being helped should be able to say, “Yes, you know me.”
  2. How am I like this person? The purpose of this question is to help you realize that except for God’s grace in your life, you could easily be just like the person you are trying to help. It keeps you humble, it helps you love the person you are trying to help, and it helps the person trust you.
  3. What does God think of this person? God loves sinners and he hates sinners at the same time. In this particular instance, how is God thinking about this person? Is there anything God would commend in her life? Is there anything God condemns? Is there any hope or mercy that God holds out for this person?
  4. What incidents in your friend’s story might you use to help them see their situation from God’s perspective? Everyone views their life through their own eyes and perspective. In order to help people they need to look through the events of their lives, Windows of Opportunity, to discover the condition of their hearts. When they understand that the source of all their problems is inside themselves, they will be prepared to submit to God and have their heart cleansed.
  5. How might you use these events to help your friend find peace and joy in living in Jesus? The answer to this question will take up the majority of our time. The first three questions will prepare the counselor and her friend to enter into the actual process, but the answer to the fourth and this last question make up the Windows of Opportunity process itself.

Reading List:

Steele, Ken, The Day the Voices Stopped

Moore, Judith, Fat Girl

King, Heather, Parched

Jamison, Kaye Redfield An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness

Welch, Edward, Shame Interrupted

David Powlison, “How Do You Help a Psychologized Counselee?” Journal of Biblical

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David Powlison, “The Ambiguously Cured Soul,” Journal of Biblical Counseling, Vol. 19, No. 3,

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